Wednesday, December 2, 2009

9:00 AM

I pray that unless Your plan is for _____ to remain single, You will send the perfect marriage partner for_____ . Send the right spouse at the perfect time and give us a clear leading from You as to who it is. I pray that my children will be submissive enough to hear Your voice when it comes time to make a marriage decision, and that they will make that decision based on what You are saying and not just desire.

I pray that they will trust You with all their hearts and lean not on their own understanding; that they will acknowledge You in all their ways so that YOU will direct their paths.

Prepare that person who will make the perfect partner for my kids. Help us to know the difference between simply falling in love and knowing for certain this is the person with whom God wants them to spend the rest of their lives with. If they become attracted to someone they shouldn't marry, I pray Lord that You would cut off the relationship. Help them to realize that unless You are the centre of the marriage, it will never stand strong. Unless You bless it, it won't be blessed.

When they do find the right ones to marry, I pray that person will be a godly and devoted servant of Your, who loves You and lives Your way, and will be a daughter to me and a blessing to all other family members. Once they are married, let there be no divorce in their future. May there never be mental, emotional, or physical abuse of any kind, but rather mental, emotional and physical unity that is never touched by division.

I pray for their deliverance from any spirit of divorce, separation, or disunity that would attempt to drive a wedge into their relationship. Give them a strong desire to live in fidelity and remove any temptation to infidelity.

May they have one mate for life who is also their closest friend. May they be mutually loyal, compassionate, considerate, sensitive, respectful, affectionate, forgiving, supportive, caring and loving towards one another all the days of their lives.


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