Tuesday, December 1, 2009

9:00 PM

From Praying the Scriptures for your Teenagers by Jodie Berndt:

Psalm 126: 1 - 2
Bring our teenagers back to faith that they knew as a children. Let our mouths be filled with laughter, and our tongues with songs of joy. Let our friends and neighbours know that You have done great things for our families.

2 Tim 2: 25
Put people in our kids' lives who will gently teach them. Change their hearts wherever it needs changing, so that they will believe in the truth.

Psalm 125:1
Cause our kids to put their trust in You and never be shaken.

I Sam 3: 9 -10
Tune our kids' ears to hear Your voice so that, as Samuel did when he was a boy, they will invite You to speak to them and then will listen to Your words.

Eph 3: 18 - 19
Allow our kids to be rooted and established in love. Give them power to grasp how high and wide and long and deep Your love is. Let them now that this love that surpasses all understanding, that they may be completely filled with Your grace.


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