Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Books n Boys

I was planning on posting a pic of the gift bags (that the book club I'm in) put together. We all brought used copies of some of our favorite books (as well as chocolate and boxes of tea) to donate to a women's shelter.

I volunteered to get the books to their new owners, not fully realizing that I don't really know where any shelters are.
Then, tonight, when I got home from my mom's at 10:30 pm ("Mom", Drew asked, earlier in the evening, "can you drive me and my friends over to Nan's for a sleepover?") there was a blue pickup truck in my driveway.

It's So nice coming home to someone, no?

Clint was eating a chicken pot pie in the family room with the TV and fireplace on while reading a book. He's got a head cold. I've got Cold FX and food.

Anyway, he knows of a women's recovery house in Abby (he does alot of work with the homeless through 5 and 2 Ministries) and said he'd take my gift bags to them. He thought they'd appreciate having contributions to their library.

So, yay for book clubs and sons.

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