Sunday, December 13, 2009

Love is in the Air

My friend Sandra's son, Dane got engaged to Stacy last weekend.
My friend Denise's son, Derek got engaged to Liz this weekend.

Tonight my dad asked me if I was going to be at their place on Christmas.
"Sure am. I want to see what present you got me. Better be a big one, I've been good this year."
He smiled. "Do you want a husband?"

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. This business of being afraid to eat has it's positive side. A person will lose weight if they stop putting food in their mouth. So, thanks gallbladder, for objecting to dairy, breads, potatoes, pasta, chocolate, caffeine, spicy food, sweet foods, yeasty foods, fried foods, red meat, pork, and juices. I'm so thankful for salmon, rice, bananas and cucumbers.

2. My kitchen faucet no longer drips or squirts randomly. (A new set of issues has presented itself, but at least I can use it again.) Thanks, Uncle Johnny (he's my mom's uncle) for taking the broken bits to Moen and reminding them of their life-time guarantee.

3. There are some awfully good looking movies coming out over Christmas. This year, while the kids are at SunPeaks, I'll be at Colossus. So, thanks Meryl and George for working this year.


Oh and CONGRATS Dane, Stacy, Derek and Liz. Have FUN planning your weddings - but have even more fun getting ready for the rest of your lives.

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Anonymous said...

gotta love your Dad,