Saturday, January 9, 2010

An Award? For me? Golly...

I got this award from Tricia, who got it from Marissa:
And I am stunned.

Quite stunned.

Overwhelmingly stunned but supposed to list 7 facts about myself instead of giving a long, boring acceptance speech. So, thank you Tricia for the honor. Some day we HAVE to meet. I'll come out your way...

Seven things about me...
1. The new Coke commercial ("He shoots, He scores!" "Make sure they know who's game they're playing...") unexpectedly brought tears to my eyes when I saw it at the theater last week. I'm sensitive.
2. Cream Soda is my favorite pop. I like sweets.
3. On December 24th I bought a fresh turkey with my 'turkey bucks' from IGA and put in the freezer in my garage. Actually, it turns out, I put in the fridge. And I haven't opened that fridge since Dec 24. Today I put a very stinky, uncooked not-so-fresh turkey in the garbage. I suck.
4. Tonight I am wearing my Sponge Bob pajamas, watching a Hugh Grant movie on W network, playing Scrabble on facebook, posting words on my blog and reading the People magazine. I am a nerd.
5. There is a God and He loves me. I am a Christian.
6. The alarm system in my house needs attention. I think it's just a matter of replacing a dying battery. I've talked to three alarm guys who've all said they'd drop by. It's been 2 months of listening to my alarm beep every 7 seconds. I am patient. Or lazy.
7. I had a son in '87, a second one in '90 and another one in '94. The best moments of my life, the best days of my week, the best minutes in my day, are when I spend time with any of them. Two of them have moved out and I'm getting used to living with 2/3's of my heart elsewhere. I'm a mom. In transition.

There you have it.

So. Now I'm supposed to pass this award on to 7 other deserving bloggers.
I choose, in no particular order:

Congratulations, bloggers. Know that your blogs are making the world a more beautiful place. You are gifted communicators and I want to encourage you to carry on, sharing your hearts on the internet. Bless you.

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