Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back Where It Belongs

Clint's laptop needed servicing, so it was sent back to Dell last week.
My desktop stopped working, so it too, went in for a tune up.

And because Clint's needs for a computer are more legit than mine,(he needs it for note taking and homework. I need it to blog.) he borrowed my wireless link to the outside world for a few days.

I rock, no?
So selfless, no?

Anyway, his has been returned to him, and now mine is right back here, on the kitchen table where it belongs.

I've been busy.
On Saturday evening, I went to my first ever "gourmet pot luck" dinner. Ten women, celebrating two birthdays, in a lovely home, around an elegantly set dining room table. Afterwards, I was invited to have a seat in the van of the one person I'd never met before, to talk.
We hopped in the front seats at 10:15 pm and talked til 12:45 am.

She's newly single (her husband left her 8 months ago) and heck; I've been where she's going. Her story is worse than mine (did I have the best divorce in the whole entire history of broken marriages, or what?) but I was able to tell her that once this first year is over, the hardest twelve months will be behind her.

When I got home, Clint was on my couch, needing nursing because he was dying. Of a runny nose. I provided him with meds, juice, tea, crackers, heated magic bag, extra blankets and pillows smiling the whole time because A CHILD! OF MINE! WAS IN MY HOME!

On Sunday evening Drew, Clint and I watched the Golden Globes and ate sushi. Yeah, that was pretty much awesome. (Yay, Rob Down won a little statue. And so did GLEE. And so did my friend, Meryl.) And TWO OF MY SONS. (each with a laptop secured to their thighs, but still) WATCHED TV. AT THE SAME TIME AS ME.

That, my friends, is a good evening.

Actually, I had a good evening yesterday as well.
This (below) chicky poo had another lil boy in December, and I was dying to hold him. So were a few other people.

So we had a party at my house. It was kinda like a shower (hello? See the balloons?) but not really. Because honestly? I could not imagine playing baby shower games with melted chocolate bars and diapers.
This is my friend, Shelly, who is too cute to be a grandma:
My friend, Marj and her daugher-in-law:
Six week old baby who is perfect:
And has hair. And tried to talk. And never cried:

Don't my couches look awesome with these fabulous "girls" on them?

Clint walked in near the end of the non-shower, looking stunned that I had, oh, about a dozen 18 - 24 year old single women in the living room.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. It is so awesome outside. I went for a walk at 10 pm and didn't even need a jacket. It's like a summer evening out there. Yeah, guess which corner of the world is hosting the winter Olympics in a few weeks?
2. Soft pink Gerber daisies. Like the ones I have on the window sill behind the kitchen sink. I gave them to myself. Because.
3. I am SO thankful I was born in Canada during this century. I'm reading the Book of Negroes (again) for my book club meeting tomorrow night and you know what? I am never going to complain again about my life. Ever.


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