Saturday, January 30, 2010

Free Advice:

Don't go see this movie.
(When In Rome)

But then I didn't like Enchanted, either. So keep that in mind when taking my advice.
Of the three of us that went, one of us, (the youngest by 15 years) liked it, so maybe it's an age thing.
The part I liked?
I got to say, "I've been there" for every scene that took place at the Guggenheim.

But lousy movie or not, it was a fun evening. Dinner with Clint at Boston Pizza (! an unexpected sweet surprise), movie with friends at 7 and dessert afterwards. I seriously LOVE Fridays.

Today's question:

What's the most important new item you want to buy this year?

Have you noticed the overlap in questions? I seem to be talking an awful lot about cars and houses, don't I?
The car (and if we decide to move, house) will definitely be the most EXPENSIVE items I purchase this year, but will they be the most IMPORTANT?




Yes. They will be my most important as well.

So that was easy.

Anything else we should talk about?
Unrest in the Middle East?
Rebuilding Haiti?
Hosting the Winter Olympics in spring-like weather?
Does everything really happen for a reason?
Did Brad and Angelina really break up?

So much to talk about. You should come over for tea sometime...

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Dinner with Clint tonight. Maybe I've mentioned that already?
2. A mom who cheerfully offers to stuff 200 Lenten Devotionals into envelopes for me Arrow.
3. February starts in just a few days, so I can change up the look of my blog again, yes?
4. (An extra one, because the first one was kinda a repeat.) I thankful for peanut butter. Smooth, creamy peanut butter.


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ramblin'andie said...

So, Andrew and I talked about it. This is our verdict...if I were going to choose a movie to watch, 9 times out of 10 I wouldn't choose a romantic comedy. I'm more of a thrilleryscifiaction kind of gal. I don't have high expectations of the rocom genre. SO, that's my excuse for why I thought rome was goodish.

Also, I have no idea why I feel like I need to defend myself. Maybe I'm worried you won't let me tag along any more if I have crappy taste??