Saturday, January 9, 2010

In which spiritual discipline do you most want to make progress this year, and what will you do about it?

According to Wikipedia, spiritual disciplines are: " any activity that one associates with cultivating spirituality.
Samples of this would be - yoga, meditating and vegetarianism." It goes on to enlighten me by offering the following practices that have characterized western religion: "prayer, monasticism, chanting, celibacy, use of prayer beads, mortification of the flesh and Lectio Divina."

So. The question is, what spiritual discipline do I most want to make progress on this year - and what will I do about it?

I choose celibacy.
I guess I've been choosing it every year for the past 11 years. Without even realizing it.
I've made very good progress on it. In fact, maybe I'm something of an expert already?

My second choice is Lectio Divina. (Or Lectio, as I like to call it.)

We did this once at work, as part of a staff development day and it was pretty awesome in the end. When we were to find a private spot (in a room where we all were gathered) and "do" lectio, I was skeptical and a little annoyed. Skeptical that I would "get" anything out of the activity and annoyed that I was being pushed into doing something personal (I don't do well at the small group/bible study things) in a room with my co-workers who were spiritual giants (pastors) and then SHARE with WORDS out LOUD all that God had "said" to me whilst reading that famous passage in Isaiah.

The pressure.
Was self-imposed.
And unbelievable. Because I need to get "A"'s on projects and there was no way that was happening with this activity.
It's a miracle I didn't quit my job right then and there and start walking home.

It's also a miracle that God did manage to get a word in edgewise considering all the self-talk I was giving myself during the half-hour of 'directed reflection time'.

I remember thinking I should do Lectio at home sometimes.

And now looky here, according to Wikipedia, it's a spiritual discipline. And I think that in addition to going sex-free for another year, I'll try and do Lectio once a week in 2010. On Saturday mornings.

What are you going to do?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. First work week of 2010 is done. Phew. This is going to be an interesting year.
2. Daffs and hyancinths in the window by my kitchen sink. So cheerful.
3. A warm house on rainy nights.



Diane said...

Hi Jane,
I was directed to your blog about a year ago by the Krahn's and I've been checking in fairly regularly ever since. I copied the 31 questions thing over to my blog and I'm answering one a day this month - it's fun... and hard... and frustrating... but mostly interesting.
Your last question made me laugh - I think we share many similarities. And I'm also a single mom raising boys :)
check out my blog...

happy day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,
I have the second book and i've finished it, do you want to borrow? Mom