Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Camera Is Bro Ked.

The button that you press to take pictures doesn't press. This is a problem.
Dear Camera,
Why did you stop working?
Was I driving you insane with all the beach pics?
I'm sorry about that.
I do go a little crazy when the sun sets over the water. I know that. But I can change. I really can.
Or maybe you were tired of being dangled from my wrist? Did that freak you out? Would you have rather traveled around my neck? Or safe inside a camera bag? Should I have cuddled you more?

Honest. When I used Drew's Nikon it was just for a few seconds. It wasn't serious. I was just goofing around. You know I love you. I would never leave you.

Maybe we should get help? You can see that guy in Mississauga. He's a professional ... he can help you with your issues. And I'll see someone here, closer to home. And I'll get some tips on how to keep you happy and healthy. I really want us to work again. We are so good together.

Jane (the eye and the finger)

Now that that's done, let's move on, shall we?

Know what I love most about January?

Are you guessing?

Come on. PLAY.
Have you guessed?


I love new calendars with all those squares just waiting to be filled in.
And I also love the artwork on the top half of those calendars.

I wandered around Chapters tonight intending to buy a 2010 calendar. I ended up with three:
The first one is artsy and has a different impressionist-type woman each month, reading a book. This one will go in my bathroom and I'll use it as a prayer calendar. And maybe to record which books I've read this year. Maybe not.
The second one will go into my office at work. The artist is Timothy R Botts and I LOVE his calligraphy.
And the third one? Will go in my family room. It was the last one left and I feel so lucky to have it as it totally reminds me of Montreal. Remember this? And this? Or this? I told Clint that if I ever got married again, I'd want my wedding pics to be taken in front of a graffitied wall. Anyway, this is my fabulous calendar:
And, naturally, I went from thinking about graffiti to thinking about crayons. (These are the ones I bought for myself just before Christmas):
And GUESS WHAT I found tonight on the internet?
You guessed, right?
You knew exactly what I was searching for, didn't you?
A graffiti coloring book! HOW AWESOME is that? Each page has the dark black outlines, and colorers, like me (and maybe you too, if you want to come over and color at my kitchen table) can fill in between the lines with our crayolas.
How's THAT for fun.
Too fun.

Whilst sorting through coloring books online, I found this:

and this: (which is all kinds of scary)
This looked interesting ...
and it reminded me that I ALREADY have this:
So I hunted it down in one of my 6 bookshelves and realized that other than Clint (circa 1994, I'd say) coloring in it, most of the pages are empty. Bonus. If it wasn't so late, and I wasn't so committed to playing Scrabble on facebook or updating my blog, I totally could have spent the evening coloring.

Next time.

So before I sign off I should turn my attention to those questions. Today I'll address the second one: What's the most humanly impossible thing you will ask God to do this year?

Why does this question feel like, "If you had a magic genie and he said he'd grant you ONE wish, what would you ask for"?

God is not a genie, and a prayer request is not a wish, and I'm not Princess Jasmine. So keeping that in mind, what will I ask God for? That He would heal my dad's brain? His heart? That he would give us peace about dad's broken brain and heart? That He would bring into our lives someone who wants to hang out with my dad, playing pool and going for strawberry milkshakes? That He would give mom strength and wisdom and patience as she cares for him by herself?

That He would send me a husband? That He would fill me with peace about not ever getting a husband again as long as I live? That He would introduce us to the daughters-in-law He has prepared for my boys? That He would give us peace if that's not to happen for awhile?

That He would make it impossible for people to doubt his existence? That He would end world hunger. That He would end my hunger for things that are bad for me? That He would show someone how to cure cancer? That He would prevent anyone from ever getting cancer? Alzheimers? Mental illness? That all our troubles would go away forever and we would all live in peace?

I have one prayer request that hasn't been answered in two years. I guess I'll just keep on praying that same one for another year. It's private and does not involve a guitar-playing man in levi's in case you were wondering.

When that prayer gets answered? Be ready to PARTY, that's all I'm saying.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. An email I got at work today from someone I've never met. Her words of encouragement came outa no where, were EXACTLY perfect and had me crumpled at my desk for a minute or two.
2. Calendars. Artists. Color. Crayons. Graffiti. Memories. Prayer.
3. Big hoodies.


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