Thursday, February 18, 2010

post surgery

Hey all, this is Clint logging in for my mom since she is currently incapacitated on the couch in our family room eating copious amounts of strawberry jello.

Surgery went fine. they did the poke-holes-in-you-and-suck-your-organs-out-with-a-vacuum rather than the cut-you-open-like-a-carp-and-gut-you procedure. So she'll be in work next week. yaaaay for working next week.

She was a little sore after surgery but still with it enough to criticize my choice in wheelchairs:
She wanted the speedy red one
I brought the luxurious blue one
choice words were said
we got over it

Nan and Bups came over and made soup. Also brought zuppa from the olive garden. What champs. Now thats a mom and dad. Oh and she brought flowers. take notes, women.

We all watched the olympics while mom had some chicken broth and T3's: Women's halfpipe. My mom and Nan were quite alarmed as i proclaimed my undying love for the USA women's snowboard team.
"how can you love those girls when you can't see anything under all that outerwear and goggles?"
"its what's on the inside that counts, jeez you guys are so shallow!"
- PS i love torah bright

After that we watch men's freestyle figure skating. Mom really got coked up. I think she commented on the hairstyle of every competitor. She frequently suggested i change mine. perhaps to something along the lines of what Evan Lysacek is rocking she says. 

shortly after this she fell asleep.
dreaming of russion figure skates in form fitting costumes no doubt.

now she is eating a big 'ol bowl of jello. soon off to bed for her.
- Drew is at his dad's talking to 15 girls at once on facebook chat / msn / skype and chatroulette.
- Max is somewhere in Vancouver, probably the heineken house; failing to seduce a young impressionable swede by claiming to be a competitor for men's halfpipe.
- I am in murrayville, cleaning up the house and reading a new book i bought: The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao. Also I am talking to a girl from california. This pleases my mom and grandmother, who secretly fear I will die alone, surrounded by books.  
- All is well in the world I suspect

alright gotta go. apparently a propane storage tank exploded at James Hill elementary. must inspect.


Unknown said...

what's this!? you're working next week?? when are we going to hang out and learn each other blogging decorations and indesign?

i could do after work on thursday? but i'd have to leave early enough to get back to sfu that night. (the bus gets to the corner of fraser hwy near where you live at 10:50. but sometimes its early).

or we could hang out some other time! happy healing!

Tricia said...

Thanks for the update Clint, I like how you write and your take on things.

Anonymous said...

love your post, almost as good as your mom's, lol!
Oh, yeah glad all went well with your surgery Jane.

Anonymous said...

Totally enjoyed the guest blogger. Thanks for the update Clint. Marj

Anonymous said...

Hey Clint thanks for the update... I enjoyed reading it very much...... loved the line about the carp... I wondered what that sound was last night... Rozann

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Get plenty of rest, Jane. Clint, you are a great blogger!! Linda

Jane said...

Just to confirm... I will be back at work next THURSDAY.

And I liked the hair on the bronze winner, not the gold.

Thank you Clint for posting. You are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Ah Clint. You shall not die alone. Every mother who just read your blogging will be sending their daughters your way to meet such a funny, honest and smart guy! Thanks for the blog. You made me smile :)

Anonymous said...

Glad for 2 things: One - Jane, that your surgery went well (pain aside for the moment) and two - that you clarified which hairstyle you were referring to. The gold medal winner's 'do got comments in our house too (not the favorable kind).

And Clint, thanks for posting the update - loved it!