Monday, February 15, 2010

So thankful.

Clint has a reading break this week and was home for night.
He (and Drew) reassembled my broken bed this afternoon (using the rail that Darren fixed for me at work this morning.) (I've been driving around with my bed rail in my truck hoping one of my friends' husbands would be able to reattach the broken bit.)

So it's back to my bed tonight.
Last year with my Christmas money I bought each of the kids a memory foam topper for their mattresses. I didn't get one for myself. I am the very picture of sacrificial giving, no? Such a martyr.  However, after sleeping on Max's mattress for the past 10 days, I think I've fallen in love with memory foam. And I really don't need to love another thing that costs money.

And another YAY item ...
After three months of beeping, I got ahold of an alarm guy who spoke to Clint about our system (because he, too, would rather not make a service call). At 4:38 pm Clint and I went to the hardware store and bought the necessary tools (screwdrivers) and by 5:00 pm? SWEET, sweeet, silence. You should come over and listen. Nothing. There's nothing annoying about the background noise in my house now.

And the other things I'm thankful for:
1. I am thankful for the 12 inch TV I have in my bedroom. THAT is what I'm watching the Olympics on. My 46" HD Flat Screen with surround sound? Is being used for gaming. I hate XBox.
2. One of my friend's daughters has started a blog: (She's in grade 12 and just got back from a humanitarian trip to Nicaragua.) I love it when people I know blog.
3. I'm thankful for Monday nights.


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