Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Aaaannnnnd he's gone.

Just dropped off Drew at his dad's. He'll be in Disneyland by noon tomorrow.
I am in the process of filling up my calendar with movie dates, coffee times, photo walks, book club meetings, doctor appointments, home reno dates and a prayer day.

This is me being a non-mom for 3 weeks. I aim to get an "A".

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Chapters Gift Cards. Whoo Hoo. Bought Drew a book to read on the plane. Bought 3 books to keep me company.
2. Guys who drop off flyers offering to paint rooms EXACTLY when I need a guy to paint some rooms. Yay. While he's gone, Drew's room of many colours ("given" to him because his mom loves him SO much) will be repaired and repainted.
3. Jim and Pam are going to have their baby on Thursday night. How fun will that be?


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My Thots said...

Would you please schedule me in for one of your non-mom activities? Let me know when you're available so we can schedule a marathon tea or something. Okay?