Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ome's House

In one of the barns, we walked in through typical barn doors, went up a double-wide flight of stairs to a self-contained suite (living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen straight out of the 60's. (And 50's.) (And a bit of the '40's) And I was transported back to my dad's mom's house on Fraser Street Just. Like. That.

She had a set of these: (hers had turquoise blue lids though)

And her house? Had curtains, somewhat like these:

And she had coffee tables (and maybe the lamp too) JUST LIKE THIS. And while everyone is looking at things, maybe somewhat detached, I'm remembering my dad and mom's house on Harken Street and Ome's house of E. 46th...
And, oh. Those doilies ...

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