Sunday, March 21, 2010

Really? Only 100 Things?

The other day, I came across this blog, and was intrigued by this post, probably because he talks a little bit about the Olympics. He says this about excellence (a topic dear to my soul):

My daughter, Chesapeake, is in her last year of college. She noted how easy she found it in her classes to be considered outstanding.  It starts with showing up to class, staying curious about the topic at hand, applying some critical thinking to the presented problem and making your point of view known to the professor and students.

His daughter sounded like a smart young women, so I clicked over on the link to her blog. And read her last 2 or 3 or 40 entries. She's minimizing. Getting rid of stuff. Simplifying her life. And she just got engaged, by the sounds of it, to this young blogger, who is also bent on living with almost nothing, if you consider 100 things nothing. He's made a list of everything he owns and plans on culling it down to 100.

Inspired after an afternoon of blog surfing, I decided to challenge myself to eliminate 100 things from my life. And then, because I have so much, I am pushing myself to give/throw away another 100. (Thus, if you found my list at Day Zero, you'll have noticed my goals of getting rid of stuff and probably wondered why.) It's because Chesapeake and cbte got me thinkin...

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Blogs. And people. And people who write blogs.
2. I had all three sons in my house at the same time this afternoon for 3 minutes. And then I left to celebrate my great aunt's birthday. Pics are here.
3. Drew is here. Making plans for my time. ("Tomorrow you have to drive me here. Then over there. And then I need this. And then at midnight you can pick me up.") Life is normal again.



caseyfriday said...

Hey Jane!

It's awesome to see that I could be an inspiration to you! Chesapeake and I will be moving in to an apartment together when we get married in June, and I'm trying to make the move as easy as possible - by having less than 100 things by then. I'm getting dangerously close, and I'll be posting many updates of my progress along the way.

I wish you luck in your minimizing journey - be sure to let us know how you do!


chesapeake said...


It looks like my fiance beat me to it! I'm completely flattered and happy that our blogs were an inspiration to you in some small way.

Good luck getting rid of things and if you need any more inspiration, let me know.