Sunday, March 7, 2010


What I wasn't expecting as I wandered from building to building was to get slammed with memories. For instance, these are Bunnykins and I totally had a collection of them. Yes I did. And I, like, forgot all about them til I saw them on Saturday afternoon. They used to be sooo cute. Now they're kinda creepy. Bunnies? With huge eyes? Playing musical instruments? Shudder.
And this? This was my reader in school:

And seeing it there, reminded me of the absolute thrill I felt the day I realized I could READ! I could read WORDS. On pages. And they were fascinating, these words were.

And this lunchbox? 
It looks so familiar to me. I think I had one in grade one. If I didn't, then everyone else who was cool, did. And in that lunch box? There would have been store bought cookies, a thermos with milk, and a sandwich made of either chicken loaf or liver pate. 
(I'm gagging as I type this. By grade 6, I was thrilled when my mom stopped making my lunch.)

My mom used to get her hair "done" once a week at Raymond's Salon at Guildford (Miss Kaela was her stylist), meaning that she didn't ever have to wash her hair at home. 

I had long (halfway down my back) hair that DID get washed at home. And how did I dry it? Well, before my granny bought me a blow dryer exactly like the one below, I would either let it dry naturally (it'd take about 7 hours) or in front of the fire in the fireplace in the family room. (In those days, the fire in the fireplace was the result of burning wood and paper not flicking a switch and igniting a gas flame.)

And this? This is another device used for drying one's hair. Before my mom met Miss Kaela, she would put curlers in her hair and plunk this cap on her head and a gently whirring sound would begin and she would no longer be able to hear anything that was going on in the house:

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Heather said...

that last hair drier... is SO mine! I can even remember how it smelled and how the bonnet part got soft and hot when it was on...