Friday, April 2, 2010


The other night while I was looking through old photo albums for images to scan, I came across this one:

but decided against using it because really?

I used to love bowling.
It's a sport = I was an athlete.

When I looked at that pic above it crossed my mind that I probably have bowled my last game. My right knee hasn't bent well since my spectacular crashnburn last summer in New Yawrk and let me tell you about my shoulder. Oh my aching shoulder. I notice it's worse when the weather changes and honey? The weather this week has been bouncing all over the place.

Today was our annual staff team development day at work. We were to dress Eddie-Bauer-like with comfortable shoes for a surprise adventure, and I was to arrive earlier than I usually do. Earlier by 90 minutes.
I imagined, well never mind what I imagined. I'm a moron.

After doing an early morning time of devotions and prayer we talked about leadership and teams then went bowling. (Everytime I type bowling it comes out blowing. Which would be weird. Blowing? Blowing bubbles? Blowing up buildings?)

We lined up in order of height - shortest to tallest and then numbered off A,B,A,B,A,B,A,B ( I guess that isn't really numbering off, more like lettering off.) I was on the B team.

And I prayed the entire time because the last time I bowled, the people playing with me, watching to see if I was going to knock them pins down, looked at a cute little bum. And bowling is all about bums. I know this. I was on the Jr Hi bowling team. In fact, I was the secretary of the bowling team. I was a professional, if you will.

Today I have a plus size almost-50-year-old bum. You have no idea how self conscious I was. Or maybe you do. I don't know. Maybe you don't have issues regarding 7 coworkers watching you bend over and throw heavy objects. I thought I'd save everyone the anguish of having to see it by keeping my Red Dragon hoodie on. My teammate told me to stop being an idiot and take it off. My male teammate.
He was utterly clueless to what was going through my mind.
Which is how God made them I guess. Men, I mean. God made them in such a way that they can't read our minds.
That's why we have blogs. To let them know.


And then there's the whole team thing. We were competing. Individually (prize for individual high score) and corporately for high team score. So that meant that I had to not suck or I'd be letting my team down. Because you know, this was supposed to be a fun learning day; I had to add pressure.

My team members thought I was concentrating and focusing and trying to "become the ball" while I stood at the end of the lane, fondling the ball. I wasn't. I was asking (nay pleading) with God to arrange for at least some of the pins to fall down during each turn. And maybe, have all the pins fall down at the same time now and then. And if it wasn't too much trouble, either make everyone farsighted so they would see a smaller bum, or just go ahead and actually make it smaller.

It was a miracle.
My bum shrunk one size with each game and when I bowled my final frame my pants fell off because I had lost 20 pounds in two hours.
That and I had a couple strikes and spares and ended up with a very decent score, (*cough 169*) meaning I contributed to our team's win as opposed to being the dead weight that drowned the team.

So. Pray. It works.

We went to ABC for lunch to discuss what we learned about leadership and teams while bowling. Then we went back to the office to watch an episode of West Wing which made me tear up, and then talk about what we learned about leadership and teams.

These development days? Exhaust me.
I came home and napped for a few hours.

So that was my day.
How was yours?

Drew is gone for the next 4 nights. (Snowboarding at Sun Peaks.) And I have no idea what the other two are up to - I'm assuming they will head out of town too. So I predict I'll do alot of napping this Easter weekend.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I survived another development day. Not sure what I developed. But I'm thankful that I work for an organization that values these things.
2. Jesus died for me.
3. He rose from the dead for me.

Happy Easter.
Peace be with you -

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