Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hour Three Done

I am reading:  The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

On my bed.

Eating: Nothing. 

Noises: I can vaguely hear Drew's fan and music playing in his room across the hall. Pink Floyd, I think.

Total Number of Pages Read: 100 so far + 32 this hour (I had to empty the dryer, make up my bed (sheets, pillowcases, duvet) wash my face, brush my teeth, get another glass of water, turn off all the lights downstairs, lock the doors, check in on Drew - is there anything more awesome than a sleeping child? bring my laptop and books and heating pad upstairs .... I've been busy I tells ya) = 132 pages total. 

Favorite line from the book this hour: Then she folded his memory as gently as she could, wrapped it in layers of emotion - joy, love, committment - for which she no longer had need, and locked the whole deep inside her.


raych said...

The secret to high page counts is in YA books. The font is large, the pages are small, and the plots are usually nice and linear. It makes me feel very successful.

I can't believe you stay up this late all the time. I'm starting to feel a bit loopy.

Anonymous said...

What is a YA book? Rose

Jane said...

Young Adult