Monday, April 19, 2010

Something's Alive

I used to be brave.
Staying by myself at the cabin, or in the barn, or in our "big" house, or in my brand new house, or in a hotel in New Brunswick, or at an inn on Prince Edward Island, or even in this aging house - was not a big deal. I could totally do it.

But lately, on nights when I'm here alone, I've been freaked out when I hear attic noises.
And recently? Those noises have been getting louder and occurring with more consistency.

It was at it's absolute worst during the week I was recovering from surgery. I told myself I was hallucinating.

Last night, however, was a drug-free night, and whilst I was sitting in my living room, some sort of life form was partying in the attic directly above my head. It wasn't scurrying noises I heard. It was definite, deliberate steps. And it was 2:00 am and so I moved to the kitchen and then the neighbour's dog started barking and I've never heard that dog  bark at night before and I got completely scared so I turned off all the lights and slipped onto the couch in the family room (because it has no attic above it) and slept on a worn-out couch with a corduroy pillow and a tiny throw-blanket.

I guess Clint had read my facebook status (where I mentioned my fears) and dropped in this afternoon to tan:

and study (which is an activity that I have rarely witnessed happening around here. I like it) and to crawl into the attic, armed with a flashlight and carving knife:

He backed out immediately and confirmed that "yes. There is evidence of rodent activity." And he also admitted that a professional might be able to rid me of my problem quicker that he could with my kitchen utensils.

So. I have rats. Probably. Or baby kangaroos. Either or. And this makes my skin crawl.
And Drew's car was stolen. And this makes me sad.
Plus there's this other non-bloggable thing that happened that breaks my heart.

That makes 3.
Tomorrow will be a better day.

Or worse.
Or it could be the same.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. The car was insured. And Mark is looking after all the paperwork.
2. There are people who love taking care of footsteps in the attic.
3. And all the other stuff? Is in God's hands.

Dear God,
Today was a rough one, a little bit for me, but A LOT rough for people I love. God I place these things (all the known and unknown) into your capable hands and ask that Your will be done in these situations. God I ask for wisdom to know how to respond. I ask that Your love for us would be revealed in the midst of the chaos. I ask for strength for when I am discouraged. And I ask for peace for those times when I am overcome with jealousy when it looks like everyone else has loving, functional families that care and share with ease.

Thank you for today's sunshine. Amen.


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