Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last Weekend in April

Saturday night was the date of my quarterly attempt at doing an OFam  activity together. Next time I think I'll suggest we get together to sit and play on our cell phones. Then, when the evening is over, I will say, victoriously, "YES!" and raise my fist in jubilation.

However, this time, we did not do that. Or rather, I had not planned on us doing that. I had thought we'd laugh and talk and plan and enjoy each other and life in general. I was asking too much. I know that now.

The salvageable parts of our time together were captured digitally.
The not-so-good parts? Will hopefully be forgotten.
Because that's what families do. They forgive bad behavior, extend grace when it's necessary, forget the mean things that were said and then the mom plans another event in about 3 months which is how long it takes to drum up the courage to try again.

This is where we went:

I had never been inside before. Too bad it closed at 6:00 pm.

Even though the library and all the shops were closed, the courtyard was open:

and it felt a little bit like we were in a real big metropolitan city, like New York. Or Vancouver.
Clint got a new (Google) cellphone that does amazing things so he zoned into that:

Drew's step mom helped him trade up from a boring, regular phone to a Blackberry so was absorbed in the game he was playing:

and Max, who got a Blackberry for his birthday last November, also needed to punch buttons and whatnot:

I have a phone that dials numbers so I can talk to people.
Max is growing a playoff beard:

The O Bros:
At 6:30 pm we went downstairs to enjoy a Comedy Improv and Jazz Night. It was a fundraiser for Union Gospel Mission.
I laughed myself mascara-less. The boys mustered up a chuckle now and then.
Is it not cool to laugh at funny things I wonder?

Artisan will be hosting another one of these evenings in September and I HIGHLY recommend you go. And either bring girls, other adults or small children. Sadly, boys between the ages of 15 and 23 are not fans.

Today was moving day. Clint, who is hoping to get accepted into either UBC or SFU this fall, is spending the summer under my roof at night and at his dad's concrete plant during the days and when that fun is over, he'll move closer to the uni that lets him in.

All his worldly possessions fit in three trucks:
Thank goodness for brothers:

He moved entirely without boxes:

I shoulda spent more time teaching them macrame:
(and note the playoff beard is gone. Mangee no more.)

Don't even ask.
I don't know.
I'm more interested in the contents of Clint's hand. My tupperware. It's coming home. At least thirty pieces.

My boys in their trucks...
Final shot of the farm where Clint lived for 6 months -

While they packed, I walked around, taking pics:

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Scented flowers

2. The color pink.
3. This is not my yard.



Anonymous said...

you know what they say, boys and toys...
and they really do make those cell phones amazing!
Glad you had some time together!

Anonymous said...

and I really think you are doing an amazing job as a mom. The boys all helped with moving, they are looking out for each other, that's very cool!