Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Know.

You don't even have to say anything.
This is my baby. And "his girl" at her Sweet Sixteen birthday. At Crescent Beach. (Only one of my most favoritiest places on earth.) And I was "not allowed to drive him to the party or pick him up from the party or take any pictures of him at all."

It was a formal black and white party (everyone in black and white, except the birthday girls - BFF's... one wore pink, the other one, blue. Their boyfriends wore coordinating ties.)

I wasn't allowed to shop for clothes with Drew prior to the event. (Not cool to be seen in the mall with your mom. ) So, praise the Lord for girl cousins... Thanks, Ali, for helping him get a shirt and tie.

He was tired of spending money at that point, so he's wearing his dad's suit pants.
(I know. I know. Can't be seen with your mom in public, but it's OK to wear your old man's trousers?)

Apparently he was warned to smile nicely for the photos.
"Hello? My mom has had a camera in front of my face everyday of my life. I think I know how to smile."

I? Am so not ready for this.

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