Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maylong '10

Should I have been more disciplined this weekend and stayed home to pull weeds?
Or been more helpful and pulled weeds at the cabin?
Am I lazy?

Thank goodness Drew did 15 minutes of yardwork:

Although he sure wasn't pleased about it:

How was the weather where you were?
I didn't get a suntan. Not in Vancouver. Not in Langley. Not at Cultus.

Watching Drew ride the mower around reminded me of all the weekends that my dad did it. Without complaining. Without pointing out that he was doing it. Without asking for anything in return.

He was amazing in that way. He simply did what needed to be done. Because he could. And because he loved us.

I miss him.

I made a fruit salad for lunch. With hotdogs.
The hotdogs were eaten.
Not so much the fruit salad.

Mostly they ate boxes of cereal.

On our way home, we met a guy from Craigslist who was going to sell Drew a new Blackberry in the parking lot of the Tim Hortons at the Auto Mall. Drew forgot to find out what he'd be driving. Or tell him what we'd be driving. (Reminds me when Clint was applying for a position at Stillwood and was to meet Adam at the Starbucks near Chapters. They didn't give each other any details either, so neither of them approached the other for at least an hour.)

Anyways, the guy in the sportscar was looking at us and smiling, so I sent the boys down there to see if he was their contact. He was.
I photographed the entire exchange. For security reasons.

Much to the embarrassment of my son.

I've got his licence plate number too, just in case this phone turns out to be stolen.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. No mice ran across my face while I slept last night.
2. No more rats in my attic traps over the weekend.
3. God can handle it. Whatever it is.


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