Friday, June 18, 2010


The other day, Janice posed the question  "Who has had the most impact on your life? And why?" as her facebook status.
The answers she received included:

  • My kids. They've taught me more about life and the love of God then anyone else.
  • Jesus. He loves everyone and wishes harm to no one. His painful sacrifice is what washes away my repeatative ugly sin so God can see me as good.
  • My grandmother - that unconditional love, the easy relationship with an adult - and someone who adored my kids as much as I do.
  • My friends. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life. I think it's probably because we go through similar events in our lives and have each other to turn to for support.
Why did my mind go to the negative when I read the question? 

I was out for dinner tonight with some old friends, (and by old, I mean "old" - (insert smiley face) between the two of them, they've lived for 113 years) so there was alot of wisdom at the table. I asked them the same question (which is the awesome aspect of sharing a meal with adults - they aren't suspicious when you ask a question. They don't reply with, "What's with all the questions? Why are you psycho-analyzing me? Why does it matter? Why do we have to talk?") Anyways, I posed the question at dinner tonight (which was so delish - we went to Coza. Have you been there? Wonderful.) and the divorced one said, "my daughter" and the happily married one said, "my husband."

And believe me when I say I hate that my answer was `the guy I fell for when I was 15'. He impacted my teenaged years, my post secondary years, my 20's, my 30's and even though I've been divorced for all of my 40's - and I have a rich, full, lovely, somewhat adventurous, somewhat peaceful, somewhat love-filled life, the reality is, we share 3 sons. His life, his decisions, his income, his work, his philosophy on Gen Y-ers, affects our kids and in turn, me. I'm not saying it's been all bad. Because it hasn't. It's just that, wow. 

I was 15, you know?
Drew is 15. 
15 seems so young from a 49 year old's point of view. When I look back to that year, a few things stick out...
 - I developed a crush on the guy who was elected to be our Student Council President.
 - I chose to become actively involved in my church.
 - I got my first job - at the Hobby Hut.

And the rest is history. All three of the above have had a long lasting effect on how I navigated through life.

It sometimes paralyzes me to think of the far-reaching consequences of a decision that a 15 year old makes. Or a 19 year old. Or a 23 year old.

Every decision you make, matters.
Every choice you make, has a ripple effect on your future.
Every friend you make. Every job you take. Every cake you bake. (Just kidding about the cake and bake. They rhymed and I felt like I was channeling a Police song for a second there.) Every experience you embrace, everything you watch, read or listen to MATTERS. 

It just does. Even if you don't want it to.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Friends. Especially those who like to talk. Oh, I guess that would be all of them. 
2. Family. From my mom and sister all the way to my kids and nieces/nephews - I am so thankful.
3. Pedicured feet. 


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Anonymous said...

We live and die by our choices and it's a damn shame we make so many of the big ones when we're too young and foolish to know better.