Monday, July 5, 2010


-Well, that took me forever. (Considering the life span of some insects, six month IS forever.)
I started reading this at Christmas, and finally finished it last night.
If you liked The Shack, you'll probably love Bo's Cafe:

It's one of those books that is packed with truths and teachings wrapped in a story. Steve, the main character,  is an uber successful/workaholic business man in the midst of a crumbling marriage. There is a plot and a setting but mostly this reads like a non-fiction book on grace.  Because it's a Christian book it has the happily-ever-after storyline which, truth be told, bugs me. (But that`s my issue. Don`t let than affect your enjoyment of the book.)

The part of it that I DID like (see, I'm not all Negative Nelly) was what they (the authors) said about community... maturity and wisdom come from community. There is a ton of truth in that.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Take Back the City service last night at Peace Portal. Josh Wyper and the rest of the band were incredible.  I was not expecting that depth of worship... pretty awesome. Wish I had known at least one of the songs. Take a peak at the video that was being edited at my dining room table:

Take Back The City from jonathan kaiser on Vimeo.

2. After months of drizzle and mist, we are getting a summer. Starting today. Yay.

3. I'm thankful for forgiveness and grace.


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