Thursday, July 8, 2010

He Had Other Plans

Originally it was my intention to zippity doo dah up to the lake as soon as I got off work.
My boy had other plans for me.
"After work, can you drive home and pick up my car-washing bucket and bring it back to me?" (He is working for his dad this week, pulling weeds at the Langley office. His car has been parked in the forklift tent for the past few months and was covered in concrete dust.)
"After I wash it I want to drive it around the plant for awhile, so you can go home and come back later to pick me up. And then after we get home, can you drive me to New West to pick up my new rims? And then can you drive me to Surrey to pick up the exhaust system that Derek is giving me? And then can you drive me home so I can unload everything? And then can you drive me to dad's? You weren't going to do anything tonight anyways."

I got home at 11:35 pm.
And it was awesome. 
Anytime you have the opportunity to be alone in a car with an excited 15 year old son, grab it. I wouldn't have missed tonight for anything.

I didn't go home when he washed his car. I stuck around and chatted while he scrubbed.

And then he asked if I wanted to go for a ride. So we circled the plant for a couple laps.

And we did a photo shoot of him flipping off his car. But my shutter isn't very responsive on my camera so I didn't get any money shots.

He was pretty happy, despite the fact that he had to work outside in the blistering heat for 8 hours. 

The rims he bought are SWEET. On our way back to Surrey, he asked if we could stop at Nan and Bup's so he could show them. (I loved that. )

By the way, we bought the rims off some guy from Craigslist who spoke Mandarin really well and English not so much. And we met him in a back alley where there were alot of random men loitering about; a couple of them were looking in the gutters for treasures. Drew was somewhat distressed, especially since he had $400 cash tucked into the waste band of his boxers. In the end, as the deal was going down, he handed the cash to me. 

Yeah. So. I may be a whimp when it comes to the whole driving a standard thing... (don't think my boys, especially Drew aren't disappointed in me. OH MY GOODNESS. "So what? You just back down from a challenge? Afraid to learn new things? Run to your mommy as soon as things get tought? etc") But LOOK AT ME deal with Asian and assorted men in back alleys in New West. Uh huh. THAT'S what I'm takin 'bout.

Anyways, it's all done. It's now almost 2 in the morning and I'm sitting outside on my patio BLOGGING. I see stars. And it's warm but not too warm. And this? THIS is my happy place.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. This day.
2. This place.
3. My people.


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