Monday, July 12, 2010

The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

Last night while having supper at Boston Pizza with Clint, Mandi, Drew and Danica, I glanced at the TV screen above our booth and observed the recap of the World Cup final game. Those 5 minutes were the total amount of time I'd invested in watching soccer this past month. 

Did I miss a party? A world-wide party? Was it like the party we had in February for the Olympics? Will I wish I had spent more time in front of my TV when people look back on this event? If my kids watched any of the games it certainly wasn't at my house. My TV is always set to Simpsons Station.

That Donald Miller book about "living a great story" is niggling at me constantly. Am I wasting my days doing safe, boring, predictable things, or is there a bigger life to be lived? Instead of walking on the path beside the river, should I be on a raft IN the river?

I can't swim well enough to save my life.
And I really like walking on paths beside bodies of water.
Maybe I'm too old to be epic. Too old to do epic things for God.
Maybe Donald Miller's book is more for single men (like himself) with unlimited funds and unlimited time. Maybe almost-50-year-old moms with jobs that need attention and weeds that need to be pulled and houses that need to be upkept and cars that need servicing and extended families that need love and children that need prayer have no business reading books about hiking in Peru or cycling across America. 

Somehow, like Bob (the family man in the book) I have to figure out a way to live a great story and invite those I love to live it with me. 

And those I love?
Would not be satisfied to spend Saturday evening walking along the Vedder River trail with their mom who forgot her runners so she wore the $4.99 hot pink rubber flips flops she picked up from Shopper's. 
Thank goodness for friends who think this is fun.

If you aren't looking for extreme activities to fill your day, can I suggest that a gentle stroll (or run, if you're into that) along the Vedder? It Was Lovely.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Wild flowers along river paths

2. Quick overnighters at the lake with low maintenance friends

3. Salad dinners and fruit-filled breakfasts on the deck at the cabin

4. Special sweet surprises left hanging on the door at the cabin. (Thanks, Val for the box of Purdy's.)

5. A house filled with fresh flower bouquets. Thanks, Monica and Heather.

6. A photographic job opportunity to take pics for a senior's housing brochure. Thanks Gail.

7. A totally not-planned-in-advance dinner with Clint, Mandi, Drew and Danica at 8 pm on Sunday evening. 

8. And I'm thankful that Mandi, Drew and Danica agreed to watch Toy Story 3 (Imax 3D version) with me. SOooooo good.


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