Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thankful For These Three Things

1. Yay. Went to the doctor's today and my blood pressure dropped 30 points (on the first number) and 30 points (on the second number). It really helps if you go to your happy place when the life is being squeezed outa your arm. I asked him about the 'water' pill he has me on and he says it has about as much ooomph as a cup of coffee. So. That's good, I guess. I came home and celebrated by drinking a big glass of milk.

2. If my house swap people go into my pantry while they're here I will not die of shame. I spent a good portion of this summer day in the bowels of my house's main floor (it's in the centre of my house - a completely windowless room with nothing but shelves) purging and organizing. It's beautiful in there now. Next time you're over, ask for a tour.

3. After work on Tuesday, I'm meeting the marketing rep for a senior's housing complex in my neighbourhood and get to take pics. Pics of seniors shopping for produce, working out on the equipment, playing shuffleboard, enjoying their grandchildren, walking, talking, flirting, laughing. I can hardly wait.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My house desperately needs purging too, and seeing as you're now so experienced ... wanna "visit" the bowels of my home with me too? :)


P.S.Pics of happy people ... you are definitely the one for the job!