Thursday, July 15, 2010

Who me? Freaked?

So I'm alone in the house, right?
And the speakers in the family room are making noises.
Like, really loud, electrical surging, crackling, echo-y noises.
And I'm home alone, remember.
At first I thought it was a possum roller skating on my upstairs wooden floors. So I went outside and weeded in the dark.
Then I remembered the outdoor possoms who like to slink beside my house, so I came back in. And have deduced that the sound is being generated in the family room - NOT upstairs as originally assumed.

But everything is turned off.
No TV. No DVD player. NO tuner. No XBOX. So why are the speakers booming intermittently?  Why?

It just happened again.
Did you hear it?

Good thing my blood pressure dropped 30 points last week because tonight? It's gotta be up another 50.
I am going to stroke out because of spooky random house noises.

So I'm sitting here, in the corner, waiting for Clint to get home.

That senior's residence I've been photographing all week? Is looking like a good housing option for me.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Only one more hour to wait.
2. I'm doing a photo shoot in IGA tomorrow! Pics of the manager. And mangoes. And other squeezable items. Cool, eh?
3. It's the weekend.



Trev said...

make sure there isn't a cell phone close to your speakers, it can cause feedback.

Christine Lindsay said...

I'm so out of touch with everyone since my move. When do you leave for England? Or did I miss that? :)