Saturday, August 14, 2010

5th Wheel

So. The other 4 adults on this trip are musical. They sing. Actually they burst into song. And after singing a few bars, one will look at the other and say, "Was there a key change there?"

Yeah. Freaks. All of them.

If the universe had cooperated with my grand plan for this trip, today would have had clear skies and warm temperatures. And I would have sat on the beach with a book all afternoon. But the universe loves Sandra more than me so it was cloudy with rare sunny periods. And that meant we got back into the car to explore another seaside town.

We (actually Rick) drove to Porthleven in search of white sand. It was, as all drives to small towns are, harrowing with those narrow streets and no shoulders. And don't get me started about the parking. But we determined, once all was said and done, that it was worth the effort. The scenery was unlike anything we'd seen yet. PLUS there WAS a lovely beach. So we suntanned for 32 minutes. (From 4:28 pm til 5:00) (Then someone worried that we'd get a burn because we didn't have sunscreen on.) (For the record, that someone was not me.)

And the countryside was easy on the eyes too:

After we got back to our hotel in the evening we walked back into town (second time today) (one mile each way) (jus sayin) (PLUS all the walking at Porthleven) and had fish n chips on the water. We found a great gathering room in the hotel so afterwards we met to visit, because spending hours together in a van, plus shopping and walking together wasn't enough...  :)

Again, the singers sang. Then we made fun of English town names. And we laughed. Lots of laughing on this trip. Which, you know what? I didn't expect. I knew we'd get along. I knew I would be safe with these people. I knew we'd have things to talk about. But I wasn't expecting the number of times we'd all find the same thing hilarious.

I really don't spend alot of time with men, (other than my sons, who are more 'boy' than 'man' in the grand scheme of things) so I wasn't prepared for the happy-positive-attitudes they have brought to the party. They are up for anything. See Jane Austen's house? Sure, which way? See a thatch covered roof? Sure, sounds like fun. See balloons at night? Sure, sounds awesome. See the crown jewels? Sure, how do we get there? Do laundry in the morning? OK, I'll fold. Wander through town? Look at art? Buy shoes? Get snacks? Stop for water? It doesn't matter what we suggest, they are happy to join us.

I guess I thought they'd groan at some of our ideas and end up doing their own thing, while we did touristy stuff. But that hasn't been the case at all. They are fabulous traveling companions.

Pics from our day are posted here.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Rick, Sandra, John and Val all include Drew in our conversations (as much as he wants to be included. Alot of times he puts in his earbuds and tunes us out.)
2. Knee and hip issues have not prevented me from any activities we've undertaken. Yeah. OK. The only activity we've undertaken is extensive walking - but I haven't had to withdraw from a walk yet. So that's good.
3. Artists. I could spend hours and hours looking at paintings of shore lines and happy people. Bought 20 art cards this morning. And keep looking at them this evening.


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