Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bleh Nemmm Pal ASS

Clint was going to do a guest post yesterday on my blog because he took The Best pic of the palace, but then he got distracted. By a game on his DS or a show on TV or an image on his laptop.

So here we go then, shall we?

His pic of Blenheim Palace:

The sun came out to the south, and the clouds were moving in from the north, and there? There in the middle was the Palace where Winston Churhill was born. AMAZING.

My traveling companions for the day:

Fun. Helpful. Respectful. In good moods... what more could a person ask for?

The Palace was mind-blowingly large. And the 11th Earl still lives there. He drives a black range rover (the only vehicle on the property) and when he left, I was in his driveway. So he had to wait for me to waddle across... "Sorry about the minor inconvenience, Earl. Too bad about your sons..."

Looking up at the front door, someone had their eyes on me...

So impressive, from all angles:

There was a BBC crew on site, filming a bit on English Architecture, and we walked right through the shoot like we were paid extras. We weren't. So they had to redo their shot.
Their loss.
We would have looked so authentic.


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Perfect adventure weather. Mostly overcast with bits of sun now and then.
2. A fun country to visit. Especially since the native language is English.

3. We've mostly adapted to the time zone changes.


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