Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DeJa Vu

Last night was a rough one for our poor John.
He got a touch of the flu and needed to use the toilet head first.
So he stayed home today, resting.

Drew wasn't interested in seeing Blenheim Palace again, so he stayed home too. In a room as far away from John as he could manage.

So, Rick, Sandra, Val and I headed to Blenheim:

It hasn't changed much in the past week.

I did the main floor tour with them, this time following along with an informative guide, but opted against doing the upper rooms again.

Looky here. Look who's home:

The 11th Duke was in residence. He snuck out sometime during our visit though. Have you read about his son? The 12th Duke? He's a bit of a rotter.

A person owns a palace, and has to park his car out in the open. No garage. Weird.

While the three of them toured the upper hall, I sat in the courtyard, overlooking the water fountains and had a scone and strawberry preserves. Very civilized:

I cleaned out my purse, organized my wallet and wished I'd brought a book.

Val and Sandra bought matching white windbreakers. With their dark hair and short pants, they looked like twins all day:

Guess I should throw in a bum shot for those of you who are bored with this post.

At around 3 we were done, so we headed over to Oxford to pick up Clint and look around.

We missed the turn off so we saw this building about 4 times,

and we zipped past this historic building twice:

and then we picked up Clint and that was it. 
Oxford, done.

We went home and picked up Drew, then ended up in Leamington Spa looking for a chinese food restaurant.
It was supposed to be right there, but it wasn't. So we walked past the church.

And we kept walking. And a few of us asked directions and eventually we found it.

We were the only customers.
And language was a definite problem.

And we predicted that someday we sure would laugh about this.

And then we came home.
John and Val have packed up - they're leaving for home early in the morning.
Clint was in bed by 10 - I guess he didn't sleep much when he was in London.
Rick was in bed shortly after that - driving is DRAINING I tell ya.
Drew just came into the office where I'm blogging and wonders where everyone is. 

This is holidaying with Jane.
Some days are fabulous.
Others are meh.
But we are in ENGLAND. 

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Even though we've had rain almost every day, it hasn't dampened our plans.
2. Clint is back with us, safe and sound.
3. Answered prayer. Again.


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Anonymous said...

The bum shot was nice, but unnecessary. You had me at "scone and strawberry preserves".


PS I think the fact that I have commented on your blog at least three times since you've been in England either means that you are having the trip I meant to have last year (and I am therefore living vicariously through you, or that I have no life. Oh bother.