Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Ever heard of the Cotswolds?
They are exquisite, small villages with character and history and sheep and thatched roofs.
We walked through two of them (Chipping Campden and Burton-On-The-Water) then drove over to Snowshill to see the world-famous lavender fields (which were all harvested last week.)

We laughed.
And laughed some more.
All seven of us went (Rick was the driver, he IS a professional driver, you know) with John beside him. Clint navigated from the middle of the middle seat, with Sandra, Val and Drew taking turns sitting in the 'way back'. I was firmly perched in the left seat of the second row THRILLED to NOT be driving.

Pics have been posted here.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Off to Bath and Bristol tomorrow. YAY. Then Cornwall for the weekend. I can hardly wait.
2. All the laughter. Yes, yes, yes, there have been a few moments of anxiety, (the roads here are NARROW. And windy. And we drive on the wrong side...)  but mostly we laugh.
3. It looks like someone sideswiped us while we were parked this morning. So thankful that the damage is minimal/cosmetic. Praying that it will also be cheap to fix.


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