Friday, September 17, 2010

Nothing on My Mind

No, really.
I got nothing.
Weird, huh?

I hung out in Fraser Heights last night with a friend. We talked about our empty nests and what we can do to fill them. Her answer is to bake. It works for her. I don't think it'd work for me.

We kept her kitchen door open all evening because she'd been baking and we're both at that age where a cool breeze is always welcome. It was glorious sitting in someone's kitchen with the door open having no fear that a sharp-toothed beastie with black and white hair wasn't going to slink in and ask for a cup of tea. Her wildlife issues are of the fowl kind.

Owls in trees that swoop down and attack small purse-dogs, causing them to cry and screeeetch like whiny school girls.
(I will not say anything about small purse-dogs that wear pink down-filled jackets on not-sunny days. I will not.)
You should have heard him clicking/ticking away in the tree. I wonder if, in the end, it's any less freaky than having rats wrestle in your attic? Because afterawhile, those owl sounds were spooky. Taunting. Like "hey little doggie, where are you? Come out and playyyyyyy..."

You know what? I'm not a creature lover. Maybe you've sensed that. I so have nothing to blog about tonight.
Just to clarify - she's not filling her empty rooms with baked goods. She fills her fridge and freezer with scrumptious pies and cobblers and crisps and magically, people come.


I'm a fan. Are you? Have you visited this site yet?
Talks that I've enjoyed listening to:
(and I guess I recommend you give them an ear)
Elizabeth Gilbert (The Eat, Pray, Love writer talks about the Creative Process)
JJ Abrams (Creator of Lost talks about mystery)
Jill Bolte Taylor (A fascinating talk about the brain)
Malcom Gladwell (Author of Outliers, a fav book of mine, talks about spaghetti sauce. Wow.)
Rick Warren (Author of Purpose Driven Life talks about Identity, Income, Influence...)
JK Rowling, Isabel Allende, Ben Cameron, it's a little bit addictive. Which talks inspired you?


I warned you.
I really have nothing to say.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. A nice dinner, here, with dad and mom. And Drew. And Max!
2. Exterminator guy was here today. He set some traps and took 1/4 of my paycheck. So far the possum trap is still empty. It's right outside my sliding door. I don't think I want to see a mad rodent in there tomorrow morning. Ugh. Thankful that I won't have to empty the traps. SO thankful.
3. Potatoes.


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