Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My boy loves to drive.
And he especially loves to drive stick.

Sandra has a tracker with a standard transmission: (not exactly as shown)

that she has let Drew drive while her and I visit. She sits in the front next to him and I squeeze myself into the back. He drives for 3 hours. We talk for 3 hours. Win. Win. Win.

This evening we brought our cameras along so we could capture the setting sun. (Dare I say this was a 'Win to the fourth degree' evening?)

Unfortunately, because the days are shortening up, it was a race to get to the beach in time. Apparently, according to the other photographers sitting on benches, we missed it by minutes. Mere minutes.

It's OK. I've taken photos of the setting sun before.

Saddens me that Drew sold his Nikon for car parts. A person should not be taking pics with a phone. Wrong on so many levels.

So what did you do today?
Know what I did? Well, before the drive and the photos?
I was at work, worrying about the events I had planned that were taking place in other corners of the world.
There was that workshop in California over the weekend....
And the dessert reception in Cape Town, South Africa this evening ...

There are times when I wish I could attend all the events I plan, just so that I can take photos and see for myself how things are turning out.

You know?

I'm also working on getting all the missing pieces to the graphic artist who is formatting our newsletter. I thought I had the rest of the week to pull it all together, but his grandma died and he needs everything yesterday because he is leaving town.

These things happen.

I wonder if that's why I have a mild, irritating head ache this week?

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. A shortened work week - yay for having Friday off. Yay for Drew and Brett having a Pro D Day on Friday. Yay for an empty cabin at Cultus that we might go to.

(This, above, is the OCEAN, by the way. NOT a puddle. LOOK how smooth it is.)

2. I'm thankful for walk-in closets that hide messes.

3. I'm thankful for reading glasses. And Cold FX. And vitamins. And head ache medicine.

Supper of Champions. Burger King.



Unknown said...

*gasp* Is Sandra eating... meat? And you have photographic evidence, no less!

Jane said...

Vegie Burger.

Anonymous said...

I wondered what she was eating. Rose