Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eight Women In A Living Room

... talking about happiness.
Sadly, we spent alot of time talking about clean homes.

I wondered, if 8 men were to talk about happiness, what theme would continually recur? Surely not tidy living rooms or spotless kitchen sinks.

Sex? Fishing? Job security?

And would they feel the need to spiritualize the quest for happiness? Would they need to justify the intentional pursuit of happiness so that they don't feel guilty or selfish?

Such good discussions went on in my living room tonight. I love book club night.

Things that bring me joy, satisfaction, and engagement:
1. A clean house
2. Conversations where I am an equal participant
3. Sunshine
4. A checked off to do list
5. Holding my camera
6. Fresh, clean bedding and shaved legs
7. Planning a holiday
8. Those 5 days per month where I perceive I'm having a good hair day
9. Having boxes on the calendar filled with fun events with fun people
10. Seeing God in action
11. Those rare occasions that I feel like I've connected with my kids

How about you?
When do you feel happy?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Helium balloons
2. Comfy shoes
3. Leftover ham


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Anonymous said...

Man! I wish I was in your book club!