Saturday, October 23, 2010

In Love

Andrew got engaged a few weeks ago.
To Stine.

Andrew and Stine!

But also, :( because they're going to live in Denmark.
But also YAY because, you know, young love n all...

There was a party tonight. To celebrate. Because, you know, young love n all...

Sue baked a bride cake. (Above)
Friends came.

Sue and Stine:

Amy and Stine:

Andrew and Stine:

Oh, hey look. It's my Max on the left:

Sue and her kids:

The whole fam damily:

Mr and Mrs P x 2

She loves him:

and more friends came...

Congrats, A & S;
Wishing you a love-filled, laughter-filled, God-filled engagement. 

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Ten Things I Hate About You movie. It's taking 287 minutes to upload these photos to facebook; so I'm going to watch it again. Sigh. Oh Heath. You died too soon. (I love the dad on this show. So funny, so wise.)

2. Happy music. 

3. Weekends.


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