Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Love these guys:

Dear God,

Thank you for these boys. Thank you for trusting them to my care. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to   share their lives.

God, I pray that you would hold them close to you. Place a protective hedge around them and do not allow anything outside of Your will for their lives to touch them.

God, I thank you for their friends. Each one has been handpicked by you, and I thank you for bringing each one into their lives. God I pray that as iron sharpens iron, these friendships will challenge and encourage and strengthen and grow these guys into strong men with integrity and a love for You. 

God I pray that as they develop relationships with a special girl that you would direct their paths and give them abundant wisdom. I pray that the girls who melt their hearts love You passionately. I pray that You would speak clearly to each them, reminding them that You loved those girls first. And that they are Your princesses; to be treasured and cherished.

God I pray that You would bless the works of their hands so that they can make a good living doing something they love and were created to do. Open doors and provide them with opportunities to grow and learn and contribute and gain confidence. For those in school, God I pray for an uncluttered mind that can learn easily from teachers chosen for you.

God I pray that these boys would know how deep and how long and how wide and how strong Your love is for them. When they doubt it God, I pray You would remind them. And if they're not listening to Your voice, send a messenger who speaks their language to speak clearly so they would remember.

God I pray for their relationships with each other and with other members of their families. I pray that they would value their relationships and work at keeping the communication lines always open. Let them have each other's backs. God I pray that they would pray for each other, carry each other's burdens and stand united against enemies that seek to destroy the bond You have created between them.
God, I pray that they would turn to You first and then to each other when they're hurting or discouraged or messed up. Give each of them an extra measure of compassion and wisdom as they need it. 

Thank you God, for the mentors and role models you have brought into their lives. I pray that You will continue to bring men into their lives who will speak words of truth, words that challenge and words that heal. I pray that each of them will find a church community where they are loved and can love back in return. A place where they are accepted. A place where the gifts you have given them can grow and be expressed for Your glory.

Thank you God, for our England holiday. Thank you for the memories we made, the experiences we shared, the things we saw, and the fun we had. I pray that as we all look back on that vacation, we will remember we were there because that's where You wanted us to be during the summer of 2010.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Birthdays. Whoa. Who ISN'T having a birthday this week. It's nuts I tell you. How awesome that we can celebrate. 

2. I'm thankful that I had enough self discipline to clean the dishes in my sink that have been soaking for far too long. 

3. I'm thankful that I only have to kill one (palm sized) spider a day. And surely this will come to an end soon. Seriously. How many spiders share your home with you?

I'm out of words. But there are a few more pics. Bonus.

Good night.

Thanks for dropping by.


valerie said...

Thanks for letting us share "England" with you. It was fantastic. See you on the 17th.

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone has been working through her prayer books and has God's ear. And I pray in unison with you and believe with you for what you have prayed for your sons, their friends, their future spouses and I say, we ask it all in Jesus's name...AMEN!!

Anonymous said...

I also pray in unison with you, in Jesus name his will be done. I will pray this prayer with you daily, and where two or three are in agreement God will answer.
Love those boys.