Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tis n Dat

Have you seen "Life as We Know it" yet?
Un believably predictable.
This guy is cute.


My date for the evening did not share my opinion.
She felt he was "off". "There's something about him that's just not right..." she mused.

I know what it is.
She is not a fan of shaggy hair.
Or red neck clothing.

But the movie had some eye candy for her too because this actor was more to her liking:

So win, win for both of us.
This is good because in 25 years, when she becomes a widow, (because men always die first. It's a fact. I'm not predicting anything) and I quit being a chicken regarding dating, we will not be swooning over the same man.


Remember the other day I posted that link about that crafting week in France?
Well, I investigated further.
I think I'm going to start planning my wedding. Or my 60th birthday, whichever comes first.
24 of my friends can come. Actually 24 of my friends HAVE to come. Because it will be pure AWESOMENESS.
We would go to a private chateau in the south of France for a week and do whatever we want with big smiles on our faces.
Do you want to see pics?
We could rent the entire thing. For ourselves.
It would be like a movie.
And we would be the cool people living the life.

We'd eat candle lit meals by moonlight here, laughing and swinging our hair off our shoulders. And we'd have no wrinkles.

And we could eat our breakfasts here. If we wanted to:

There are, like 18 bedrooms. 

Some have doubles, some have twins.

Some have angled ceilings.

Plumbing appears to be modernized:

The grounds, 22 acres, are breathtaking. 

And the best part? THERE'S A POOL.

From what I can tell, it's about $100 per night per person to rent the entire thing.



Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Two friends came to church with me tonight. I LOVE that. And then we went out for a bit to eat, so there was conversation. And I LOVE that.
2. Drew's friend Brett is going to be staying with us next week for 5 days while his folks go to Cuba. Yay. Another boy in the house. I LOVE that too.
3. Thanks to my ex, I have 4 tickets to tomorrow's Vancouver Canuck's game. So Val, Drew, Danica and I are going. I really LOVE that as well.



valerie said...

I LOVE that as much as you do. You are the best!

raych said...

SO jealous of where you are right now. I hope the Canucks play well for you.

Also, Josh DuWhatever has crazy eyes and would murder you in your sleep. Your friend is right.