Thursday, November 11, 2010

I usually choose the title first -

and then go from there. But I can't think of one today.

So I'll just start right in.

Today, on my way to work, I drove through McDonald's to pick up a blueberry muffin. I paid at the first window, then I pulled up to the second window to get the goods. Just as I was stopping, a rat ran across the drive thru lane (right in front of me) and disappeared into the siding on the corner of the restaurant, almost directly beneath the pick up window.

Good morning.
That's sort of how my day began.

I'm not going to talk about work. Because that would be unprofessional.

So after work, on this unbelievably incredibly fantastickly sunny day, I raked leaves. First I raked them into piles. Then, using the leaf rake and a snow shovel, I salad-tonged the leaves and dropped them into containers to put to the curb. I have no memory of ever doing this before. How have we (I) dealt with the leaves in the past? It's a mystery.

Anyways, in the process of scooping up leaves and depositing them into the cans, I discovered dog sh*t under and in the leaves. Lots of it. Everywhere.

Not a fan.

And then Drew and I had words.
And the lawn mower wouldn't start.
And my pants are too tight.

Thank goodness for Book Club tonight.
It redeemed an otherwise smile-less day into something awesome. Because talking about books makes everything brighter, no?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Book club. Duh.
2. Babies.
3. Blogs


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Anonymous said...

So nice to have the little man join our all-girl group. Nice that he brought his mama too!