Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Love this kid...

Twenty years ago today I gave birth to a second son. I wanted another boy so badly... I felt like a winner that morning when they sliced my abdomen open and yanked out a sweet blonde boy.

The maternity ward was packed.
I was in a room with 4 other moms, and between us, we had 5 babies. One of the other moms was my neighbour, (Mrs. Manderson. Yes, the one who works at Fundy. She was having Brooke.) And on the other side of the hallway, Robin Edwards was having Tracey.)
Anyone else in Langley Hospital twenty years ago?

His love affair with hoodies started in the crib.
Clint made sure Max's controller wasn't connected:

They're NOT dolls. They're "guys":

Hanging with Bups:

Sitting on the porch, eating dry cereal, watching Clint play:

Noodles make Max happy:

Max with his dad and Clint, Mullet Men:

Max and his uncle Michael:
(Mullet Man or Bush Man?)

Max and Grandpa O:

Max and Uncle Jim:
(We have a hairdresser in the family. It was the 80's. Permed, frosted tips were IN.)

Max and Zac:

Max and Sarah:

Max and Omi:

Max and Uncle Kevin:

Working at Billie's Country: (cashier)

First day of Grade 8:
Fireworks on the Farm:

Max, 13, learning to drive, at the lake:


Cousins in Seattle:
For Uncle Daryl?:


Rock n Roll:

At the Fireworks:

On the farm, playing with the toys:

Start of the bling stage:

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. God picked me to be Max's mom.
2. Max.
3. His brothers.
and 4. Scanners.

Happy Birthday, Max. 
I love you.


Tricia said...

Happy Birthday Max!

Anonymous said...

Some of those pictures bring back great memories. We love your kids and I think Daryl owes you big time for making the boys were Calgary shirts.