Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Do You Live In My Neighbourhood?

Do you want a multi-generational family photo taken? For FREE?

I'll be doing a photo shoot this weekend (Sat and Sun from 1 -3) and next weekend too (Sat and Sun 1 - 3) at Avalon Gardens 22323 - 48th Ave. So if you want to bring your family in for a complimentary photo with Mr. and Mrs. Claus - I'll be there, snapping away. Wearing a santa hat. Seriously.

Bring grandma and grandpa in for a look at their facilities...because honestly - it's like staying at the Harrison resort.


Some people sure are intentional about Advent, eh?
How come it's all new to me? Other than some family lighting a different candle on Sunday mornings, or those waxy chocolate countdown calendars with the cute little doors - the whole advent thing never really sunk in with me. Maybe it's because for over half my life I've been in retail. And we used to prepare ourselves for Christmas in July. By the time December hit, we had been 'anticipating' it for 4 months already.

But this year is different. I'm noticing that some people have Advent traditions. And, well, I love traditions. So I think I should giddyup on this concept. I totally know I missed the boat for this year - but I can plan for next year. And maybe do a trial run later this month? For say, "the twelve days of (before) Christmas" ... maybe test drive some ideas and go from there.

Anyone have any Advent traditions they want to share? I'd love to hear them.
And you know what has really kickstarted my longing for Advent stuff? My cousin's blog. Scroll around in her last few posts - awesome stuff, eh?


Know what I did tonight? Well, besides folding and stuffing? And baking a birthday cake? (Happy Birthday, Denise!) I went to Chapters to buy some Christmas Craft Magazines. Know why? I was in Michael's this week, picking up some supplies for work and I was overcome with desire. Desire to touch all the papers, shake the glitter vials, fondle the embellishments, squeeze the tubes, caress the ribbons...

I need to make something.

I was home by 8, sitting on my couch, looking through craft p0rn mags, watching the New Directions tie for first place in the Regionals. It was heaven. Pretty sure there will be creative arts in the afterlife. And there definitely will be singing and dancing.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Craft night tomorrow at my house. Again, I will probably do something digitally, using pixels instead of paper ... but it'll still be fun.

2. My computer (at work) was back in business today. Yesterday was a write off. So yay for getting lots of work done.

3. Friends who challenge and inspire me. Go read Carolyn's blog. I think I will join her and memorize a passage this December. How about you?


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Carolyn said...

Awesome - go Jane!