Monday, January 10, 2011

Blah Blah

I am the Queen of Wasting Time.

I was in particularly good form this weekend. What did I do, exactly? I can't remember. And that can't be good.
Well, OK, yes, I was out with a buncha girlfriends on Friday night, so that was good. Excellent even.

And Saturday night? Fifteen of us went out for dinner to celebrate my mom's 71st birthday. So yeah, that was fun.

And today? Uh. Grocery shopped. Dropped in on my sis and took some pics of (gasp) Drew doing physical work. Drove him to D's soccer game. Picked him and D up after Youth Church. Talked to my mom on the phone. Lost a couple games of Scrabble. Won a couple games on Scrabble. Did one load of laundry. Thought about doing a sit up. Talked to a photographer who agreed that it was going to be a massive stretch for me (and my equipment) to be able to pull of a shoot I'm supposed to be doing on Wednesday.

And uh, well,  that's about it.

Weekend laziness = Sunday night guilt

Sometime in the last few days I finished off this series:

Oh. My. Goodness.
Soo soo so good.
If you like the idea of 12-18 year olds fighting in an arena on live television, with the last one alive being the winner.
Surprisingly, as horrific as the premise is, I totally got sucked into the story. And LOVED it.
They are making this into a movie, which should/could be awesome.

Speaking of books...
Are you looking for some recommendations?

Then go here and read the 275 comments. I've made notes. (You will observe, that many of Jon's readers recommend the Hunger Games. Jus sayin.)

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Sons who are not afraid of hard work.

2. A job opportunity that has Max in Kamloops with some great people.

3. Video work for Clint that will keep him busy this winter. Also working with some great partners.


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