Saturday, January 15, 2011


So, what did you think of my Christmas cards this year? 
Did you like the design?
How about my witty yet informative, God-honoring Christmas letter that outlined all the O's highs and lows this year?

Or, more importantly - how about that photo? The traditional OBoy photo (with me in it, for the first time ever.) 

I spent so much brain space on this year's annual seasonal correspondence piece. And then never got around to mailing them.

Looky here. There they are... still on my dining room table where they are sortof out of sight, sortof out of mind. But not really. They have been on my mind ever since Dec 1. And now, on Jan 15 I am deeming the project done.  I missed the deadline and I get an "F" on Christmas Greetings.

Maybe I'll send them out instead of birthday cards this year. 

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Book of Proverbs. Wholly cow. Bite-sized applicable bits of wisdom or what, eh?
2. Slow Saturdays. Maybe I'll clear away those cards. Or maybe I won't. 
3. Encouraging devotionals.


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