Friday, January 14, 2011


It's Shannon's birthday next week, so we took her and Brian out for dinner and a movie tonight.
The King's Speech.

Really. I can't emphasize strongly enough how delightful that movie is.

I just loved it. Even more the second time.

After it was over (2 of us had tears), we realized our appetites has just been whetted for more things royal. So we borrowed the DVD and watched The Young Victoria and we all fell in love with Albert. Again.

And OH! GUESS WHAT! Many parts were filmed at Blenheim Palace. I love that place...
In fact they did a shot from exactly this angle:

Wondering - is anyone hyped up over the upcoming wedding of Willy and Kathy? Why is this younger generation not nearly as stoked on Kate as we all were on Di? What happened? Or didn't happen?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Fun plans for this, my golden jubilee birthday year.
2. Yay, Max sent me a 30 word message!
3. That I didn't waste time shoveling the driveway after Wednesday's early morning 6 inch snowfall. It's all melted.  Already.


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