Tuesday, February 22, 2011

R. I. P.

I sure hope that after I'm dead no one feels led to dig up my dirt and make a documentary on my life. Seriously.
Unless there's a redemptive story of hope and healing why bother making movies on the lives of someone who did not "end well"? Why unearth all his bad decisions -  shouldn't they be buried and forgotten?

I attended a screening of "Fallen Angel" (story of Larry Norman) tonight and left with a dull ache in my gut. He was a man with many flaws. He left behind some broken relationships and unfinished business. He talked the talk, but had problems walking the walk.

Randy Stonehill, Larry's friend and partner, was at the screening, singing Larry's songs and sharing his version of the story. That just seemed weird. He too had made some personal mistakes back in those long haired rock n roll days. And David, the producer of the project said, "they were boys behaving badly"...


Do we really want to know?
Do I need the details?

I think not.

It had a National Enquirer feel to it. Sensationalism and poor story editing.

Rest in peace, Larry. Jesus died for our sins. All of them. Even yours. You've been forgiven. Hopefully we will chose to forgive and forget too.

Can you imagine what would happen if, after every Christian died, we interviewed their friends, families and business partners and recorded only the negative feedback? And then distributed it for everyone's viewing pleasure? And that would be the final word on someone's life?


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. It snowed today and I was OK about it.
2. A friend randomly dropped in and brought me a gift for no good reason. Thanks, Janice.
3. Friends who take on leadership in trying situations. Proud of you, Maxine. You are an inspiration.


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Allen Flemming said...

Well rendered Jane. Fallen Angel was a grievous movie to watch. What's worse is that at the premiers in San Jose, CA and Nashville, I had directed the filmmaker to documents that disproves most of his attacks on Larry Norman. (I have posted these documents here: www.failedangle.com)
But David just keeps grinding his axe anyway.
Thank you for posting what the rest of of us were feeling.