Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Oh oh oh oh oh oh.

Have you heard Charlie Sheen talk about his partying lifestyle?
It makes me so sad.
You can listen to the first part here.
When it's suggested that people might think that he's bipolar, he answers by saying, "I'm bi-winning..." and he sounds like Michael Scott. Idiotic. When big names in the industry call him to see how he's doing, he's sees their name on caller display and says to himself, "winning!"

When asked how he survived that last night of partying where "he took enough drugs to kill the average guy" ("I was bangin back 7 gram rocks") he replied, "Because I'm me. I'm different." When she asked him if he wasn't afraid of dying as a result of all the drugs, he said, "Dyings for fools. I'm too smart ..."

He's "proud of what he's accomplished with his partying. It was radical."

The second part of the interview, where his (pornstar and former nanny) girlfriends share their thoughts can be viewed here.

I don't know what to say.
Not true.

I have much to say.
1. I ache for his parents. (Proverbs 17:21) It is painful to be the parent of a fool; there is no joy for the father of a rebel. (17:25) A foolish child brings grief to a father...

2. I hope this interview sickens rather than inspires viewers. May we learn from his mistakes. Even if he doesn't regret anything.

3. "From a wise mind comes wise speech"... (Prov 16:23) I pray that a generation of "Two and a Half Men" fans will see that Charlie is not wise, but rather foolish. (Sick?)

4. His story is not over. This is just another chapter in his best-selling life. For his children's sake, his parent's sake, and his own sake - I pray that God will redeem his life for His purposes and glory. How very awesome would that be? Christians? Stop judging. Pray.

5. Charlie's train wreck of a life, reminds me of Brittney Spears a few years ago. I remember feeling sad then too.

6. Celebrities aren't the only ones with drug and alcohol issues. Our kids, our parents, and our friends do too. I just checked da momma's site (Motherhood is Not for Wimps) where she chronicled the story of her best friend's experience with alcoholism and the impact it had on their relationship. I linked to it a few years ago because it was such a powerful piece. Alas, she removes her archives every year, so you'll have to imagine the journey. And know it's not easy. Also know that folks with substance abuse problems don't all live in Hollywood or East Van. They are people we love and they live close by.

Dear God,

Were you sad listening to Charlie too?
Is it weird for me to pray for him? Can I ask You not to abandon him? Could you send a messenger of Your good news to him? Someone he would listen to? God, I pray that You would woo him. Heal him. Redeem him. Please.

And regarding those that we love, please do the same. They need you. I pray that you would heal those we love from addictions; all addictions. Make them strong in You, draw them close to you and enable then to put You in control of their lives. Speak to their hearts, show them the path they should walk, and help them see that protecting their bodies from things that destroy it is part of their service to You.

I pray that You would thwart plans that Satan has to destroy those we love through alcohol and drugs and take away anything in their personalities that would be drawn to those substances. Give them strength and discernment to be able to say "no" to things that bring death and "yes" to the things of God that bring life. May they clearly see the truth whenever tempted and be delivered from the Evil One whenever trapped. Enable them to choose life in whatever they do, and may their only addiction be to the things of God.

In Jesus' name I pray that everything they do with their body be done to Your glory.*


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. It could be a rat. Or it could be this piece of house that has come loose ...

... but I'm sitting on my couch in front of that window and hearing noises directly above me. So I'm thankful for two things:
the first one being the ear buds (skull candy) I bought at the airport on my way to Mexico

2. and secondly I'm thankful for these podcasts that have kept me entertained whilst typing this blog. I just listened to the God is Not a Grasshopper one. Love it.
(Are you tired of reading yet? If not, here is where the "God is Not a Grasshopper" phrase comes from... It's Denny Burk's response to Rob Bell's latest book and ALL.THE. BUZZ about his stand on hell. This is awesome:

Answer: Sin will always appears as a trifle to those whose view of God is small. If you were to discover a little boy pulling the legs off of a grasshopper, you would think it strange and perhaps a little bizarre. If the same little boy were pulling the legs off of a frog, that would be a bit more disturbing. If it were a bird, you would probably scold him and inform his parents. If it were a puppy, that would be too shocking to tolerate. You would intervene. If it were a little baby, it would be so reprehensible and tragic that you would risk you own life to protect the baby. What’s the difference in each of these scenarios? The sin is the same (pulling the limbs off). The only difference is the one sinned against (from a grasshopper to a baby). The more noble and valuable the creature, the more heinous and reprehensible the sin. And so it is with God.
If God were a grasshopper, then to sin against Him wouldn’t be such a big deal and eternal punishment wouldn’t be necessary. But God isn’t a grasshopper, He’s the most precious, valuable, beautiful being in the universe. His glory and worth are infinite and eternal. Thus to sin against an infinitely glorious being is an infinitely heinous offense that is worthy of an infinitely heinous punishment.
We don’t take sin seriously because we don’t take God seriously. We have so imbibed of the banality of our God-belittling spirit of the age that our sins hardly trouble us at all. Our sin seems small because we regard God as small. And thus the penalty of hell—eternal conscious suffering under the wrath of God—always seems like an overreaction on God’s part. If we knew God better, we wouldn’t think like that.
3. I am thankful for smart people.

* From the Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian

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ramblin'andie said...

Funny you should say he sounds like Michael Scott, I thought the same thing...only it wasn't funny coming from Charlie. It made me so sad. I had no idea how messed up and how damaged he is.