Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan, Our Prayers are With You

I've spent the better part of the evening writing a blog about sex.
And then the earthquake hit.

I'm glued to the news. In horror.
So the sin of premarital sex is going to take a backseat to this global tragedy.

And I wonder, yet again, how is it that I live here. In this safe place.
How come I am so lucky?

Dear God,

I don't even know how to pray for Japan.
Please be with the leaders. Grant them wisdom and courage as they endeavor to bring in supplies, as they mobilize emergency teams, as they prepare for additional quakes, as they establish rescue centers, as they provide information...
Give them strength.
And courage.

God I pray for the families that have lost loved ones. Comfort them in their grief. Fill them with Your peace.

God I pray for the children. They must be so frightened. God, I pray that you would cover them with your protective wing and hold them close.

God? We don't understand.

As the tsunami crosses the ocean, I pray for the other countries in it's path... May the destruction be minimal as they prepare and evacuate.

God? Thy will be done.
Show us how to respond.


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Anonymous said...

I understand Japan took priority and we are all praying like crazy for the people there...but I really hope you still post the blog about sex. Love Ya, Marj