Monday, March 28, 2011

Love looks like this:


and this


and this


These are my boys.
I am crazy 'bout them.

Dear God,
Please protect these boys. Hold them close and remind them, in ways they can grasp, how much you love them. Remind them that you are their God, that they belong to you. Enable them to believe that. Help them to feel it.
God I pray that you would give them the strength to fight the battles they have ahead of them. Equip them for the long haul. Remind them that they can lean on you for courage. God I pray that you would be right beside them as temptations assault them. I pray that in this upcoming season, you would bring mentors into each of their lives. Godly men who would invest time and wisdom and friendship. Men who would challenge them. Men who would encourage and help them.

Father? I thank you for these left-handed, brown-eyed boys. They are all kinds of awesome.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Clint, who is hardworking, creative, dependable, and just made a video for Arrow that rocks.

2. Max, who is courageous, witty, loyal and kind.

3. Drew, who is a good listener, caring, adventurous, and loud.

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Anonymous said...

Jane, I love your blog. This post in particular spoke to my heart. I'm praying for the same things for my kids and I will definitely remember yours in prayer as well. Alana