Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break

There was this plan, (because I almost always have one) for a rockin' good Spring Break DAY. Just one day. That's all I could afford. And it was going to be on Wednesday. Smack dab in the middle of the week. And it would involve driving to the States and shopping and sightseeing and eating out. And fun.

Those plans collapsed before we could go, so we went with Plan B, which involved driving,

Drew in his happy place: stick shift in his hand, gas petal and clutch under his feet.

but no States,

And no shopping,

 A little bit of sightseeing...

And a dinner out, in White Rock:

Dear God, 

Thank you for this break that Drew has. Thanks for the glorious sunshine, warm weather, and longer days.
God, I pray for us as we finish up this week ... may we spend time with those You have purposefully put in our paths. May we do so with joy. 
Father, I thank you for friends. For my friends and for my kids' friends. God, I believe these people are handpicked gifts from You, please help us to treasure these relationships. I pray that as iron sharpens iron, our friendships will sharpen us to be stronger, wiser, gentler,  and kinder. 
Where we need to step it up a notch, I pray our friends would have the courage to challenge us. Where we need to humble down a bit, I pray we will be receptive to the advice.

God, above all else, I pray that our friends will keep directing us back to you. That when things get rough or crazy or overwhelming or scary, that our friends will remind us of who You are. That they will pray with us. That they pray for us. That they will have our backs when everything crumbles.

Help us to be those sorts of friends. Dependable. Encouraging. Prayerful. Patient. 


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Hired a gardener to help me with the pruning and yard clean up today. Best $100 I've spent this year.
2. My sister cut my hair in her garage this evening. Yay for having bangs up on my forehead where they belong.
3. Primroses and crocuses are blooming beside my front door.


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