Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There's a Hole in my Bucket, my Bucket

If Bucket = House, then yes ... I have a hole in my bucket's lid.

This is my attic.
There shouldn't be light (or rainwater) pouring in. I did not ask anyone to install a skylight.
Some crafty rodents removed the shakes and gnawed their way in. Any number of wild animals could have been partying in my attic these past few weeks.

What I find interesting is the amount of insulation up there. Rats would get lost in it, no? How come they are so blessedly NOISY when they walk around? Are they wearing steel-toed work boots?

I had Mark, the local Yelllow Van Handy Man here today, doing those house maintenance things that I don't have the tools or time for. He was the one who discovered the gaping hole (aka invitation to vermin to come on in) in my roof.


If that commenter comes by today, he's going to think I'm being all negative again. And he'll probably quote some more Bible verses, about me reaping what I sowed.

But he'd be wrong. I'm not all negative, or all "why me?" I'm just feeling very affirmed that I KNEW something significant was happening in my attic...and I WAS RIGHT. Whoo Hoo, yay me. I totally called it.

My bro came by to patch it up and give me a rough estimate of what it'd cost to replace my roof like all my neighbours... And now I'm thinking that one of my sons should get in the roofing business. There's money to be made, I tell you.

So this has been an expensive week fixing all kinds of broken things. Tomorrow will be my teeth. And Drew's. I probably should have taken my dad's advice when I was a teenager and he suggested I get them all pulled. "False teeth are the way to go..." he predicted.

Three things I'm thankful, oh so very thankful, for:
1. Brothers who drop everything to help out a sister.
2. Friends who send encouraging emails... you know who you are. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.
3. Moms who fold newsletters


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Andrew said...

That is funny about your dad's comment. I have often thought about how low maintenance fake teeth would be, but I am told they are uncomfortable to eat with.