Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday Thankfulness

I was supposed to be at a wedding today but I just felt lousy. Which was a darn shame because today? Was beautiful. Stunning.

I spend half of the day in bed. And a good portion of the evening (like all of it) working. Will I ever get to that place where I can do all my work AT work?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Spent some time with Drew today. He "NEEDED" clothes. Apparently I shrunk all his tshirts and hoodies.. I think he grew. Regardless, he has 'nothing  to wear'. He is such an O. We cleaned the garage together, then went to two malls and ate noodles and chicken at The Flaming Wok at Guildford, just like we did in the olden days. Some days just work out well between the two of us.

2. Got 32 DVD's burnt and 53 Easter Cards signed and 48 Congratulations packages ready for mailing while listening to Glee soundtracks and City Rain's worship CD. It was a quiet, productive Saturday night. Those words should never to be together in a sentence.

3. Halee is back in town for Spring Break/Easter. Yay. So very thankful for our conversation this evening.


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